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Dr. Khavarian: Newport Beach Hair Restoration
Dr. Khavarian: Newport Beach Hair Restoration

I woke one day to notice these patterns of hair thinning, which was near distressing at the time. I dislike wigs, those things simply naturally repulse me. My other choice was using hats that were right there with wigs in my stuff I loathe-list. A friend of mine had had the very same issue some time ago that she had it resolved by an Newport hair restoration business, which you can not notice no matter how watchful you are. She offered me a suggestion and described that I should book an assessment with this hair business, which I did instantly, nobody wants a bad hair day throughout summer season.

I made the call, and the medical professional discussed that females loss of hair is less obvious and irregular compared with the one in men. The doctor pointed that female hair thinning doctor in newport beach; is often temporary, which was such a relief to hear, I enjoy my hair excessive. The medical professional described that female hair problems fall into 3 classifications portrayed by the Ludwig scale; grade one is thinning at the main part, grade 2 thinning to the crown of the head and grade three thinning at the crown. I quickly identified my own as the grade one; you can now think of how bad my hair was, a total catastrophe.

The doctor later on explained that loss of hair might be brought on by androgenetic alopecia, a genetically acquired condition where the hair follicle is delicate to androgen receptors. At this moment, my blonde mind was going wild, so I asked who is it that I suddenly have male hormonal agents, you might laugh, however I was genuinely surprised. It seemed the medical professional found it fun, another perk of physicians in this business, they have a sense of humor, who after educated my naive self.

After the diagnosis, the doctor recommended that I must book a hair transplantation surgery. Before the procedure, they ensured that I was particular about doing the treatment as the effects would last a life time. Truthfully, after they explained I needed to decide with care, I got scared for a 2nd. I was abit unsure of my choice to do the treatment till one of the physicians described, that they have Newport technology that ensures I bring out an ear-to-ear scar. You can be sure if they would have said I would have a scar after, I would have left and wear wigs for the rest of my breathing days.I increase to New Port Beach for the procedure where I fulfilled Dr. Bahareh B. Khavarian, who was to bring out the surgery.

When you hear surgical treatment, you anticipate a prolonged process that will leave you tired out after you get up, but it lasted for a short duration. I was so satisfied by how quick the medical professional did it, I asked for a mirror instantly to make sure they did it right, and if it was not you can be sure I wouldn’t be here typing anything favorable. The outcomes of the treatment were remarkably excellent, so great that many people do not believe mine before and after images. Now I have my confidence back, and you can be sure am walking like I own the world, with my now charming hair. The relief of understanding I will not need to wear hats is unthinkable; this guy gave me my life back; I can smile again now. The service I got was outstanding, and I would advise the innovative hair company to anybody dealing with hair issues, be ensured you will not be dissatisfied.

Address: 320 Superior Ave #320, Newport Beach, CA 92663
Phone: (949) 645-8475